A warm welcome,

mein Name ist Benjamin K. Tederke Graf von Falkenstein, CEO von Bented Media Lab. Seit meinem 12 Lebensjahr befasse ich mich mit Fotografie und Grafik Design und seit 2006 arbeitete ich professionell für und mit vielen renommierte Unternehmen weltweit.

On my website you will find some information about work and skills of my team in the fields of photography, media design and web design.

  • Photography 100% 100%
  • Photoshop 100% 100%
  • Illustrator 100% 100%
  • Web design 100% 100%
  • Adobe Premiere 75% 75%
  • After Effects 75% 75%
  • Cinema 4D 50% 50%


Frequently asked questions

Do you work for free?

No, because I also have to earn my bread as a media designer. For example, a professional logo generally takes 1-5 hours. As an entrepreneur who also has to pay his team, who is always trying to acquire new skills, I simply don't have the time or the will to work for free. Then there is also leisure and family life.

How did you find your profession?

I am asked again and again how I came to this. As a child I was already interested in colors and shapes of our world, painted many things and especially traced. When I got my first PC one of the first programs on my computer was Adobe Photoshop, with which I created many interesting graphics and photo manipulations. Additionally I wanted to capture my visual impressions on photos, so I came to photography. Now these two areas determine my life or rather my vocation.

What else will come in the future?

From April 2021 I will go to study Game Artist Motion Arts, one of the areas in which I have almost no experience. Experience that I share with my team to achieve more together. After graduation I will add 3d animated movies, characters, game design and much more to my accomplishments.

What do you need from me?

From you as a customer I need information, preferably as much as possible to do my job as cleanly as possible. Ideas, colors, shapes, wishes and above all good humor.

What do I get after I buy?

After purchasing a wedding package with me, you will receive a USB stick from me with all the content of the shoot, studio shoots are shared via Dropbox. I am not a friend of wasting resources and try to work as paperless as possible.

After purchasing a logo, intro or corporate design, you will receive a personalized Dropbox link from me in which I share your files for download. The files usually contain JPG, PNG, SVG, MP4 etc.

Please note that due to space limitations I will only provide the link for 4 weeks.

Furthermore, all media data are archived on my external archive for at least 5 years. You can retrieve this data after loss at any time free of charge.


How do you or I hedge?

Orders that exceed a monetary value of 250 € are secured in a contract. This contract is made by me, sent digitally and also digitally signed. 

What do you offer?

In addition to photography of any kind, I offer the entire range of graphics. There is nothing that does not go should you find something not in my offers then just ask. For me there is no impossible, because the impossible is there to be mastered.

How can I contact you?

You can easily contact me at the bottom of my website, via the Contact tab, or you can simply send me an email at info@bented-media-lab.de.

Another option is Whatsapp, I actually prefer this one for the first contact.



Bented Media Lab
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