Information: The processing of the images is included in the price. Studio shots vary from the package price by 50€ the hour plus.

Photography is a way to capture visual impressions pictorially. Why should pictures and impressions only exist in your head, when you can also share them with your friends and family?
A big part of photography has always been the wedding of two people, pictures of his children or grandparents. Of course, you have the memory of such moments in the memory, but only in the photo / videography they are preserved visually.

Wedding photography


Costs of the packages vary depending on effort and travel distance (outside the radius of Hildesheim I charge 0,40Cent per driven km).

Sundays and public holidays, as well as duty hours before 07:00 hours are remunerated with a flat rate of 20 euros per hour worked. All data are without guarantee.

All dates are binding from the moment of booking with the signature of the photo contract.

The processing of the images is included in the price.


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