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Brilliant images

Photography is a special way to capture your life moments in the form of images, especially in photography moments of life are captured in a completely different field of vision. Why should you as a customer create your favorite moments only in your head, when you can share them with your loved ones?

Satisfied customers

In über 19 Jahren Arbeit habe ich dafür gesorgt, dass über 400+ Kunden zufrieden sind. Mein Ziel ist es, mit Ihnen als Kunde in Zusammenarbeit mit mir und meinem Team das perfekte Ergebnis für Sie und für uns zu erzielen.


High quality designs

We are always up to date with the latest trends in the design industry. Bented Media Lab is up to date in almost all aspects of digital graphic design to ensure that you, the client, enjoy modern and great looking designs.

"Wir leben schneller als unser Geist uns folgen kann"

- Benjamin K. Graf von Falkenstein, photographer and graphic designer -

Graphic design

With photo manipulation, background images, logo design and/or social media banners, we can create anything in terms of digital graphic design to ensure your needs are met.

Web design/App design

We are able to design the latest trends in web and app design, taking into account your wishes as well. The coding of the actual website and additional wish plugins are included.

Print media

You have a brand new company and need a professional appearance? That means you first need a good looking logo, flyer or even a big banner! If you already have a logo but you are not satisfied with it, we can also redesign it.

Mockup design

The mockup is a visual representation of a product before it goes into production. We consult you with your product and visualize your ideas before it goes into final production.

2D/3D Animation

With 2D motion graphics such as flat design openers or 3D logo animations, Bented Media Lab can bring your imagination into the real world through graphic visualization.

UI design

Humans and machines do not speak the same language, the user interface serves as a mediator. This is because we think in rather abstract concepts, while a machine can only do something with concrete instructions.

CAECVS Branded

Our future fashion label which stands out with noble colors and shapes from nature. Our goal is to unite the colors and shapes of our original people in noble and sporty fashion. The first collection is formed by "Only Black", to the basic black color, colors like beige and anthracite will be the only secondary colors of this collection. CAECVS Branded donates 25% of its total sales to the rehabilitation of the Amazon rainforest.

The launch date of the brand has been postponed to mid-2021 due to COVID19.

Columbia Warlocks

With the request to create a team logo that could live up to the Warlock's name, we began to set foot in the American Sports Network. Again, we combined the colors of the logo (as is common with corporate design) with the colors of the team equipment.

212 Unicorns

212 Unicorns is an American football team which is one of many sports teams of the German Army. The logo, with its traditional military elements such as the edelweis or the iron cross and the colors of the equipment thus represent the German army.

Customer reviews

You have an above-average talent for design, you pay attention to every little detail and that's what makes your work stand out. We always enjoy working with you. 

Felix M.


Hey Ben, we are totally thrilled with the photos you took. Julia and you are highly professional with us and our family appeared, for this you have our fullest respect. Even Ulli was totally thrilled and said that he never thought that he comes across so well in photos.

Vielen Dank für deine Arbeit.

Anna und Ulrich L.

Bented Media Lab is the best reliable and imaginative designer I have met. The cooperation was smooth and ideal for my ideas! We were able to implement everything very quickly and my expectations were even exceeded by a high level of service! Thank you very much for this, I would recommend it to anyone.

Domenik W.

CEO, Iamconsciousness.com



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